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The Legend of Pamlico Jack

Pamlico Jack Ferrell, known from the cold waters of New England to the aquamarine depths of the Carribean for his passion for pillaging, and his obsession for the cargo he so desperately sought… spices. Longing for the adventurous life on the open sea, (and having no better options as a poor lad), young Jack Ferrell signed on with none other than Captain John Rackham, better known as “Calico” Jack, a pirate so named for his penchant for colorful cotton garments as opposed to the velvets and silks so popular in that day.

While working as a galley assistant under the renowned chef known only as “Frenchy” Miller, Jack soon found the thrill of adventure he was seeking, for Anne Bonny and Mary Read, women as fierce as any male pirates of their day, were also part of Rackham’s crew. Those adventurers encountered the infamous William “Captain Kidd”, whose ruthlessness appalled the young Jack, and the most notorious pirate in the history of seafaring, “Blackbeard”. Jack’s contemporaries found him quite clever as well as engaging when socializing with the ladies.

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